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How To Short Sale Your Home and Avoid Foreclosure

We Help Homeowners Get Short Sales Approved With Their Lender
To Avoid Foreclosure and Minimize The Damage To Their Credit.
We provide loss mitigation services to homeowners who are having trouble paying their mortgage, and are at risk for being foreclosed. Typically the loss mitigation process starts with qualifying a homeowner for a loan modification and/or forebearance to have the current mortgage terms changed to be more affordable. This presumes that the homeowner can afford to live in the home with a negotiated loan modification.  This step should be completed before pursuing a short sale.
For homeowners that don't qualify for a loan modification and can not afford to stay in the home, we can help them process a Short Sale. In a short sale, we work with your lender to have the mortgage lien released at the true fair market value so the home can be sold quickly - despite having no equity. 

By doing a short sale, we help homeowners save their credit, avoid foreclosure, and start rebuilding their lives. A short sale also saves lenders the high costs of taking the home back in foreclosure by getting the home off of their books.

The key to getting your home sold in a Short Sale, is to have it valued accurately...

Recent Short Sale Success Story:
Total M
ortgage Balance Owed on Two Mortgages: $2.4 Million
Mortgage Payoff  "
Short Sale Price" Accepted By The Lenders: $915,000
In this example, we were able to get the lenders to agree on a revised AS IS market value for the house based on the current comps in the area, and the flooding issues specific to this property due to its proximity to the waterfront.
A Law Firm's Experience:

“If you need a top loss mitigation consultant to get your mortgage lien released so you can sell your home  in a short sale, avoid foreclosure, lien judgments, or bankruptcy, nobody matches the service or results that Apex provides. They have helped my clients tremendously with results that most people would never think are possible."

                    - Richard J. Harter Esq., Law Firm of Harter & Pfleger, Colts Neck, New Jersey 

The Homeowner's Experience:

Working with a Realtor and well known legal firm in Red Bank, we ran into problems trying to get the two mortgage firms to agree to a short sale once we had a strong buyer. Our Attorney recommended Apex Consulting Group. Once Apex reviewed our financial situation and agreed to work with us, things really started happening when they became the primary contact between us and the two mortgage companies. Their advice, experience and skillful facilitation skills were key in getting a resolution with each mortgage company that resulted in a painless and successful Short Sale. My wife and I were so impressed with how Apex managed the short sale process that we engaged their services after the closing to work for us with another mortgage company. Within a short period of time we reached a settlement that saved us approximately 70% of our outstanding  debt."       

                            - Helen and William B. from Tinton Falls NJ

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